PAX 2 Vaporizer


The convenience, sleek design, temperature flexibility and quality build make this PAX 2 device of the best vape pens on the market. See more

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The Pax 2 is a small vaporizer, measuring less than 10 cm long. This is smaller than most e-cigarettes. It will fit in any pocket or bag, perfect for those who want to enjoy the vaporizing experience without attracting attention.

It's like the iPhone of vape pens with a clean and compact design that’s friendly and easy to use. It's one button on and off and the temp is automatically adjusted so things don’t get much easier than that.

Premium Materials

Vapor path and oven are constructed from a type of stainless steel commonly used in medical devices and are sealed from the rest of the internal components. The mouthpiece is made from heat resistant, food-grade materials. PAX 2 uses a proprietary, non-ceramic tuned, thin film heater bonded to the laser-welded stainless steel oven, separate from the air path.

Lip-Sensing Technology

The PAX 2 features a new technology that makes a big difference to the performance of the vaporizer: The Lip-Sensing Technology. The device detects when the user is vaping or not and adjusts automatically the temperature.

Auto-Cooling Techniques

The Pax 2 has a system that automatically drops the temperature after 30 seconds without using it. The objective of this new feature is to control the temperature to make the best use of the device’s materials and battery.

Most oven based vaporizers will continue heating when users are not using it, which could lead to the burning of dry herbs and lead to increased battery drainage. The PAX 2, on the other hand, cools down to preserve herbs and battery life when not in use.

As soon as users put back their lips onto the device it heats the oven up extremely quickly back to the correct temperature, ensuring smooth consistent hits!

Pure Vapor & fast heat up

Thanks to the powerful oven, the materials are heated uniformly, and with the different lids, users can perfectly control the amount and type of material they want to vaporize.

In less than a minute the user can enjoy a PAX 2 Dry Herb vaporizing experience. The type of vapor will depend on the materials used and the temperature selected. The lower temperatures are perfect for a light vapor with a predominantly flavourful vapor, the last two temperatures generate a denser and stronger vapor.

4 preset temperatures

One button for a simple use. A long press (2sec) on the button allows you to change the temperature easily. You will see the petal LED change of colors. Each color represents a temperature setting.

  • One Green petal - Low: 182°C (Little steam and better taste)
  • Two Yellow petals - Medium-low: 193°C (Generous steam and good taste)
  • Three Orange petals - Medium-high: 204°C (denser steam and slightly denatured flavor)
  • Four Red petals - High: 216°C (abundant steam without combustion but denatured aromas)

Powerful Battery

PAX is high-performance from the inside-out, with the latest in battery technology to accommodate multiple sessions without needing a charge.PAX 2 uses an internal Lithium Ion battery which holds a charge for about 6-8 sessions on average.

To charge PAX 2, your customer can use the PAX USB charger. It will take between 2 or 3 hours to fully charge.You can easily check the remaining battery level while the PAX is on. By giving it a shake, white petal LED light will appear; each leaf represents 25% of the battery life. With all four leaves lit, your PAX is at 100% charge.

Hidden features available

Enter in the PAX 2 secret mode. Simply roll the PAX 2 forward three times to enter the secret modes and discover all his hidden features: stealth mode, classic party, Simon game and more.