Krush Grinder Kube 2.0


The innovative tooth design in this 2-part grinder allows cannabis to fluff up during the process. See more

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Premium 2-part Grinder

Kube 2.0 from the Canadian brand Krush will impress your customers with its unique and innovative design made with Anodized Aluminum. Shredding Cannabis has never been so easy than with a Krush Grinder.

Innovative tooth design

The innovative tooth design allows cannabis to fluff up during the process. This fluffing makes the perfect particle size for rolling and smoking, allowing the perfect air ratio to flow through the joint.

In fact, this grinder is equipped with special double-edged teeth. One of the edges is very sharp, while the other is almost flat and rounded.

This means, it will shred herbs finely or thickly according to your customer preferences.

Ergonomic grinder

The Krush Line of grinders are square in form factor and provide consumers with an ergonomic cannabis grinder. Smooth contours that are gentle on the hands, and easy to turn no matter how dense the cannabis.

Finally, the bottom of the grinder is gently curved with one of the corners coming up, allowing you to place your shredded flowers before sliding them easily into your vaporizer or other.