Chewy G3 Basic - Electronic Grinder


Introducing the Chewy G3 - the ultimate portable electronic grinder with a triggered loading chamber, stainless steel blades, and a rechargeable lithium battery. Say goodbye to messy grinding experiences with this mess-free and hygienic solution. See more

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The Chewy G3 is the ultimate portable electronic grinder, offering a convenient and mess-free grinding experience.

Key Features

  • Triggered Loading Chamber: For easy and mess-free loading.
  • 5 Food Grade Stainless Steel Blades: Ensures a premium and consistent grind.
  • Uni-Directional Spinning Blades: Optimizes grinding efficiency.
  • Non-Stick Parts: Allows for easy cleaning and disassembly.
  • Easily Disassembled for Cleaning: Keeps your grinder hygienic.
  • 9V Lithium Battery: Rechargeable for convenient portability.